Are Jedward and Calum Best part of a Celebrity Big Brother conspiracy?

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Jedward and Calum Best have been accused of playing the ultimate Celebrity Big Brother game.

The Daily Star newspaper claims the housemates are "at the centre of a Celebrity Big Brother fix to win the show."


Apparently they've "made a secret pact not to nominate one another" and "agreed not to get caught up in rows and squabbles"

However the basis of the tabloid's claims seems to be a six year old photo of the stars back from 2011.

"Neither has made mention of the fact they know one another in the outside world," said a source. "They barely seem to connect.

"Yet there is a link that they are clearly keeping quiet about. Let's see if their little plan works."

However an insider told the Daily Mirror newspaper that there could be a reason why Jedward and Calum are barely connecting.

And that's because while they may have had their picture taken together back in 2011, they've not been secretly plotting to win the show.

"I'm sure he's enjoying Jedward's banter in the house but he's in there for the fun and games," the insider said.

They added: "Calum is not a cheat - he would never try to somehow 'fix' or change the result of CBB."


So no conspiracy, just a six year old photo...

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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