Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jamie O'Hara kicks off at "joke act" Jedward

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Jamie O’Hara kicks off at Jedward in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

The two housemates clashed after Brandon Block decided to walk from the house, which was announced yesterday.


In the house, Brandon gathered up some of the housemates to reveal his decision.

Brandon said: "Can I speak to everyone please? I've not been happy for a few days, I love you... I really mean that, I'm just not myself... I just can't...

"It's a great experience but I'm just not feeling me and I didn't want to sit out there all day.. crack on everyone. Kick it's a**e."

Austin hugged Brandon: "You gotta do what's best for you."

Meanwhile, James embraced the DJ as he cried goodbye.


However Jedward weren't happy with Brandon's decision and accused the other housemates of 'shoving' him out the door rather than encouraging him to stay.

"I ain't kicking him out the house," Jamie said, "We're helping the bloke. He don't want to be here."

"And he don't want you in his face all the time," Jamie snapped. "He's fifty, just shut up and leave him alone."

"We're telling real stuff," Jedward replied.

Jamie lost it: "Real stuff? What's real about you? You're the biggest joke act I've ever seen in my life."

"I don't understand why you're being like this..." reacted Jedward.

"'Cause I'm sick of your noise all the time, you're just noise," Jamie said.


Jedward didn't rise, replying calmly: "I don't appreciate what you're talking to me, it's really hurtful. I see the good in you Jamie. Everyone's cracking in here and I'm just trying to help everybody."

Brandon's exit from the house will be broadcast in Thursday night's highlights show on Channel 5.

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