Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 9 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother

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Here are all of the latest spoilers from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 highlights on Channel 5.

On this evening's show, this week’s shopping task comes to an end, Brandon leaves the house and Jamie argues with Jedward


As part of the week's task, some of the housemates have spent all night on shift at the egg timer station. Housemates continue to bounce on the dream trampoline clouds whenever Big Brother plays a bell into the house

James C reassures Stacy that she ‘has friends in here’, she replies; “It’s so hard!”

The Dream Team leaders: James J and Nicola believe that they should have picked Stacy to attend the slumber party. Angie describes Stacy as ‘a bulldog’; “She can take care of herself well and truly!”

A tired Jasmine is in the diary room; “People are inconsiderate. I don’t even know if they (Jedward) have emotions or feelings…robotic little wind-up toys!”

In the smoking area, Nicola is talking to Stacy; “Whoever wasn’t picked (to attend the slumber party) was going to be upset…it’s not that big-a-deal.”

Stacy replies; “I’m having a miserable rough time in the house and it does feel personal.” Nicola adds; “I know you’ve had a hard time and I’ve tried my hardest to be there for you.” Stacy appreciates Nicola’s comments, Nicola gets upset


Jedward are amusing themselves in the garden; “There’s no place I would rather be John! I feel like I’m in a music video right now!”

On the sofas, Jamie is giving Nicola a shoulder massage

Brandon announces to his housemates that he is leaving the Big Brother house; “I’ve not been happy for a few days, I love you all, I’m just not myself. It’s a great experience but I’ve just not been feeling like me.” Housemates hug and say goodbye to Brandon

James C tells Brandon ‘it’s been such a pleasure’

Jedward try to persuade Brandon to stay, James J and Nicola tell them that ‘he’s made his mind up’

Jamie starts to argue with Jedward; “He doesn’t want to be here! Shut the f**k up! Leave him alone! You’re the biggest joke act I’ve seen in my life! You are just f**king noise!” Jedward reply; “That is hurtful…but I see the good in you Jamie…He’s just sad his mate is leaving.”

Brandon leaves via the diary room; “Its an unbelievable experience. I just wasn’t happy, that was all. An incredible thing to do.”

In the bedroom, Spencer is talking to John about their fellow housemates; “They don’t want to listen to you, or listen to us…they don’t want to hear our opinions.”


In the smoking area, Jamie laughs; “They (Jedward) wind me up! I don’t feel bad…who would have thought I’d be sat in this house having an argument with Jedward…what has my life come to?!”

For the last part of this week’s shopping task, The Dream Team: James J and Nicola are called to the diary room to answer questions about their housemates. The first question is: who were Speidi talking about when they said she’s the biggest player? The Dream Team answer Angie, they were correct. The Dream Team continue to answer questions

Stacy reveals that she likes both Jamie and Calum

Austin confides in Coleen; “I can definitely say that I have an issue with drinking. I don’t think I’m an alcoholic…I hardly ever drink when I’m at home!”

Coleen replies; “I think you’re using it as self-medication in here. Even when you have a drink, there’s a really fun lovely part of you! It’s just when you have one that takes you over the line…” He agrees

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas to reveal that they successfully passed this week’s shopping task, winning a luxury shopping budget

Some housemates are talking at the kitchen table; Stacy gets up when Austin starts talking. He reacts; “I don’t like that girl!” Bianca asks him to chill

In the garden, Austin announces; “Can I just say, no drama, Stacy I do not dislike you at all! I’m really liking you!” Stacy replies; “Thank you, I really appreciate that.” Housemates cheer ‘to Stacy’, she’s happy

Calum and Jasmine are in the kitchen. She tells him ‘she’s happy that Stacy is happy’

Stacy is smiling in the diary room; “I’m celebrating! Tonight has been nice…Calum is tall, likes his mamma…he’s smart, sexy looking guy. He reminds me of the 40s stars, like Clark Gable. He’s super sexy!”


Housemates are in bed, Calum and Jasmine share a bed

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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