Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates get their first bizarre shopping task

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates have been given their first, very bizarre shopping task.

This morning the housemates awoke to be told they had to collect costumes from the store room and change immediately.


The group found themselves dressed up in classic stripes pyjamas and each given a cuddly teddy bear.

They then left the bedroom to find the house had been covered with clocks, watches and sand timers all over the walls.

"So far you have spent your time in the Celebrity Big Brother house living the dream but all dreams must come to an end," Big Brother said. "For this week's shopping task, you have all entered the land of nod. It's a place where housemates are never fully awake."

For the next two days, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates will all be stuck in a "nightmare you cannot wake up from".

Housemates will encounter a series of "nightmare tasks" and need to pass a majority to earn themselves a luxury budget.

They must also follow the strict rules, which will be enforced by the 'dream team' - Nicola and James J - who are the only housemates who do not have to follow the rules.

The rules are:


- Housemates must not sleep during the day.
- Housemates must not lay down during the day.
- Housemates must not yawn or allude to being tired (including saying 'I'm tired')
- Housemates must not be boring ore tiresome
- Housemates must not use hot water
- Housemates must not eat any food other than provided basic rations
- Housemates must not use beauty, make up or hair products. Bed hair is mandatory
- Housemates must not use beauty appliances
- Housemates must keep their bears on them at all times
- Housemates must keep the sand timers running at all times.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 at 9PM.

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