Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Stacy Francis and Austin Armacost in HUGE row

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Celebrity Big Brother 2017 is heating up with a MAJOR row between Stacy Francis and Austin Armacost.

The pair's clash is seemingly over Ray J, with Austin claiming that Stacy is 'too close' to the married musician.


Austin is seen branding Stacy "uncomfortable" and saying he liked her the "least" and Stacy does NOT put up with it

The row begins when, in the kitchen, Austin tells Stacy, “I particularly don’t like you,” and repeats his comment about her closeness to Ray J. Stacy tells him she will stay there as that is “my friendship.”

She says she is friendly with Bianca, “I sit on her lap touching her boobs, the only difference you see is that it’s (Ray) a man.”

James Jordan then tries to calm the situation down but Austin tells him not to start “cos I will go in on you.”

“Bring it on,” reacts James.


The former Strictly pro tells him “all you seem to do is shout at everyone in the f**king house then wonder and cry about why four people nominated you, I’m surprised it wasn’t more.”

He adds: “Throughout the day you’re a boring c**t, then you have a drink and you’re and even bigger c**t!” then heads into the garden.

Stacy then tells Austin that it’s “too bad” he has no “friends.”

Austin tells her that he has been talking about things in the house so will “dig deep” if Stacy wants to go there.

“Bring it,” yells Stacy and Austin tells her not to be “that girl.”


Stacy replies that Austin has been waiting for “this girl to show up, (now) you’ve got her.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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