Celebrity Big Brother fixed? Speidi accuse show of being "rigged" against them

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag reckon Celebrity Big Brother is fixed.

The duo, who first appeared on the show back in 2013, are still not over losing to Rylan Clark-Neal in their series final.


They claim that they "technically" won over Rylan and have accused producers of "rigging" the show for their rival because they wanted him to host Bit On The Side.

"It's no joke. We technically won," Spencer told Heat magazine ahead of launch night. "I stand by the fact they rigged the show for him because they wanted him to be the new BB anchor.

"I am very happy for his success, but the timing does look suspicious."

Rumour has it that Speidi could be set for another showdown with Rylan on this year's show, with talk he could be heading back into the house for a short stay as part of a task.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning last week, Rylan admitted to being left wound up by Spencer's comments about him on the show.

Rylan explained: "He piped up last night saying ‘he only won with two per cent of the vote’ but actually mate I won with the highest percentage in Celebrity Big Brother history."

He continued: The more he talks about me, he’s only digging his own grave because believe me, when I’m in those camera runs I might just open that fire exit door, and believe me I know how to open that door.

"He’s winding me up."

And the former X Factor finalist added: "I found something today that really added fuel to my fire.


"I had a look at their website today and they have a little clothing store, one of the T-shirts they are selling says: 'Nobody in America knows who Rylan is'."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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