Nicola McLean's husband keeps quiet over her Celebrity Big Brother antics

Nicola McLean's husband is keeping quiet over last night's Celebrity Big Brother 2017 show.

But fans of the show aren't letting him forget what went down with Nicola and fellow housemate Jamie O'Hara.


In last night's episode, Nicola and Jamie were seen sitting with the Housemates in the smoking area as they gushed about their love for each other over a few drinks. Jamie said he loved Tom, Nicola's husband, and therefore loved his “missus” adding, “Cos she’s an angel” and said he would “look after” during their time in the house. They then shared a few "pally kisses" on the cheek.

As Calum encouraged the pair to kiss more, Nicola revealed: "Calum, we have before. We can't do it again."

Later, in the bedroom, Nicola says she is “so drunk” as she tried to get into bed. Jamie watched from across the room and offered to help before quipping, “You haven’t even got your pyjamas on" as a giggling Nicola hid under her duvet.

On Twitter, Nicola's wife Tom has so far been quiet about her antics but many viewers have been quick to wind him up.

"she has 100% cheated on you with your footy pals mate," one wrote to Tom.

"I'd be fuming if I were you right now," another posted.

A third tweeted: "Jamie O'Hara ain't had anything that easy since he robbed a living playing football Do yourself a favour mate and bin that"


But some showed their support, with one viewer writing: "oh ffs get a grip! I bet everyone one of you have been drunk and made a tit of yourself by being overly affectionate. #trolls"

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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