Celebrity Big Brother update! Nominations revealed, Nicola speaks up and Angie's secret task

Latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news and gossip

Here's a round up of all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news and goings on over the past day.

Last night saw the first nominations revealed with a total of six housemates up for eviction this week. The one with the fewest votes will be given the axe in Friday night's next live show.


Nicola revealed to Stacy that she was going to stop being a wallflower and speak up more. "I've seen some s**t I shouldn't have let slide with other people.. I'm going to start speaking up too now, it's not right. I've been too nice and I'm not going to be nice any more," she declared.

Nicola later went on to give a pep talk to Austin who was still feeling down after being nominated the first week, but he insisted he'd be "happy" to go in Friday's live show.

Austin, who continued to spend much of the day walking around the house in his underwear, went on to enjoy a "hot" naked shower with Jasmine Waltz. "We're bringing the morality from here down to here," he said.

Elsewhere, Jedward and Stacy had a sing off to see who could hold a note for the longest.

Coleen confessed she had been having a few bladder problems during her time in the house because of all the fun and games. "I'm at that age where after a certain amount of laughter, it's something I can't control," she confided in the group.


Meanwhile, Angie was set a secret task to put some of the housemates on a healthy diet with no access to cigarettes or unhealthy food. James C, Coleen, Ray J and her son Calum were chosen to take part in her detox.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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