Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations: Who nominated who?

The first Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations are in! Who nominated who?

Last Tuesday was Day 1 of the series as Celebrity Big Brother 2017 launched: The most famous house in Britain returned and welcomed a brand new cast of All Stars and New Stars.


14 celebrities made their debut: All Stars: Heidi & Spencer, James Jordan, Jasmine Waltz, Austin Armacost, Coleen Nolan, Nicola McLean, Calum Best and New Stars: Bianca Gascoigne, Ray J, Stacy Francis, Brandon Block, James Cosmo, Jamie O’Hara and Angie Best.

However the two groups were split up as All Stars were made ‘The Producers’ and over the first few days, had to pick which of the New Stars were the least entertaining to ‘edit out'. They chose Stacy, James, Brandon, Bianca and Ray J to 'edit out' of the show.

As part of a twist, the edited out housemates lost their power to nominate at the weekend. Furthermore, the only unedited New Star housemates - Angie and Jamie - then had to nominate one of the edited out housemates to face the first eviction. James Cosmo was the unlucky housemate who was put up for the chop.

On Sunday, nominations took place without the edited housemates. Already nominated James C and new housemates Jedward could NOT be nominated.

Here's how nominations went down...

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 nominations: Who nominated who?

Calum nominated Stacy and Speidi.


Jasmine nominated Stacy and Brandon.

Jamie nominated James J and Stacy.

James J nominated Stacy and Austin.

Coleen nominated Ray J and Angie.

Nicola nominated Ray J and Angie.

Jedward nominated Austin and Jasmine.

Austin nominated Stacy and Speidi.

Angie nominated Speidi and Austin.


Speidi nominated Austin and Bianca.

Stacy, Austin, Speidi, Ray J and Angie received the most nominations with 5, 4, 3, 2 and 2 votes respectively meaning they will be facing eviction alongside James C this week.

James J, Bianca, Brandon and Jasmine received one nomination each. Calum, Jamie, Nicola and Coleen did not receive any nominations.

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Are you happy with the nominations results? Who do you want to see out this week?


Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on Channel 5.

The first live eviction takes place on Friday night on Channel 5 where the one housemate with the fewest votes will be evicted.

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