Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Calum Best gets angry ahead of nominations

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Calum Best gets in a rage in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

But it seems as though the whole thing is just an unfortunate mix up.


It begins with Jamie, Coleen, James J, Stacy, Austin, James C and Brandon are in the garden. Jamie asks if he is “too nice.” Coleen tells him not to be anything “other than you are,” and Housemates agree. “Although I mess about with Calum, if I was younger and in here it would be you,” Coleen adds.

Calum then joins the Housemates in the garden and hears the end of the conversation and isn’t to pleased at being spoken about, returning to the house in anger. James J thinks Calum assumed they were all talking about him, “He’s misunderstood that.”


Stacy follows Calum in to the house and explains that only nice things were being said about him. He assures her he is “cool” and says that he doesn’t need to talk about it. In the garden, Coleen mentions that Calum is more “sensitive” than he makes out.

Jamie comes to the bedroom an explains the garden conversation was just “banter.” Calum tells him that they are ok but says it was other people, “decision made on eviction day.”

Calum, Jamie and Spencer then talk about tonight’s events. Spencer says that the good thing about those games is “it changes my whole nominations schedule.”


Meanwhile, back in the garden, Coleen says that she feels Jamie is “constantly in Calum’s shadow.” Coleen says although she adores Jasmine, “I think you lead him (Jamie) on.”

Jasmine explains that she and Calum are “family” but she is genuinely attracted to Jamie but wouldn’t go there because of his current personal circumstances.

Spencer joins housemates in the garden and says Coleen she did a “Power Play.” He explains: “You went against a major player and made a chess move.” “Have I exceeded your expectations,” questions Coleen. “No matter what you did, you just put a hand down.”

Calum goes to the Diary Room to talk Big Brother about what he overheard earlier. He says that he has only “praised” Coleen since being in the house. He thinks he heard Coleen refer to him as a “one night stand kinda guy.”

He explains that it may have been to make Jamie feel better, “But I’m not going to be put down to make someone feel better.”


He adds: “I’ve worked my ass off to change a reputation that I was stuck with, I’m not that dude, for someone to f**king call me out like that it f**king pissed me off.”


He ends: “If I’m right about what I think, it would make nominations a lot easier."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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