Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Stacy Francis REALLY likes Brandon Block...

Stacy Francis has admitted to a big crush on Celebrity Big Brother's Brandon Block.

In the house tonight, Stacy is seen talking to Big Brother about men in the house.


She laughs as she says that she wonders which of them “I can at least try to kiss.” She says she that if Calum wanted to play a “little kissy kissy thing with me I would totally do it.”

Stacy goes on to mention that she “really likes” Brandon. “There’s a fire in that guy, he’ll be the one who pulls your hair and there’s something really sexy about that, he gives you the eye where it’s like, ‘I will f**k the s**t out of you.”

Elsewhere on the show tonight, housemates are in the Living Area playing a game of Dare. Coleen must perform a sexy lap dance to the housemate she finds the most attractive. Coleen sashays over to Calum and performs a dance for him. All of the Housemates cheer.

Spencer is next, he must choose one Housemate to ask them any question he likes – and they must answer honestly.

He starts: “With all due respect to Calum’s mum,” then asks that if she had her red wine and Calum was in the Jacuzzi and Jamie was in the shower, which one she would she “get wet” with. Housemates chant “pick one,” and Jasmine names Calum.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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