Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Coleen Nolan treats Calum Best to a lap dance

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Coleen Nolan treats Calum Best to a saucy lap dance on Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

After Austin Armacost's strip tease to Stacy Francis, Coleen was the one showing off her moves in the house last night.


"Housemates, it's time for a game," Big Brother announced before revealing a dare box.

Housemates had to each pick a card from the box and complete the dare on the card to Big Brother's satisfaction.

Coleen had to give a lap dance to the housemate she thought was the most attractive, picking Calum.

Bianca's super duper scary dare was to... say something positive to the housemate to her right.

She gushed over a "wicked" (in a good way) Jasmine Waltz, while a bored Nicola McLean demanded the pair spice things up and snog.

Ray J had to have a starring contest with the housemate he had the biggest problem with and reveal why. Ray chose James Jordan because he had farted in his face.

James Cosmo had to sit on the lap of the housemate he felt was the most annoying and tell them why. he planted his bottom on Stacy for "singing so very loudly"

Brandon Black had to kiss the forehead of the housemate he expected to be first out.


Spencer Pratt had to "truthfully" quiz another housemate. He asked Jasmine if Calum's mum was not in the house whether it would be Calum or Jamie O'Hara she would "get wet" with. Jasmine eventually decided on Calum.

Highlights from the task will air in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother show at 9PM on Channel 5.

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