Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Speidi and Austin Armacost row over AIR in new argument

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Austin Armacost and Speidi have had another row on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

And following last week's Watergate clash, this latest bizarre bust up was over AIR.


Austin raged at Spencer Pratt and James Jordan for apparently using Nicola McLean to wind him up.

Things threatened to explode once again in the house when Nicola decided to slide open the door connecting the living area to the garden.

"Just trying to get a bit of air in here," she said as James and Spencer giggled from the bench outside.

"We don't want air in here!" Austin replied.

"It's all going to kick off," James declared.


Austin snapped: "You guys think this is f**king funny, really... I know you sent her over here to do it to wind me up.

"If you want to wind me up, wind me up... Piece of s**t."

James responded: "She's no puppet mate."

"It's a joke," Nicola added, "No one sent me over here."

The latest clash follows Austin last night threatening to walk from Celebrity Big Brother 2017 because of Speidi.

Following the Watergate row, Austin revealed to Bianca in yesterday evening's highlight show that Speidi were continuing to ‘wind him up’.

In the storeroom, Austin got upset as Bianca had to comfort him: “Try and enjoy yourself!”

He said: “From the start I’m not having a good time. This is so unlike me.”

Coleen added: “Please don’t walk.”


He replied: “I can’t say that won’t be a possibility at this point…”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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