Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jedward treated by medics after THAT stage fall

One half of Jedward left the Celebrity Big Brother house last night almost as soon as they had entered.

Jedward joined the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house in Friday evening's latest live show.


The pair were a 'shock' final addition to the CBB 2017 line up, even if we did all know they were going in...

On entering the house, Jedward told host Emma Willis they hadn't been watching the show in order to go in "fresh".

However there was a bit of a mishap when Edward somehow managed to fall OFF the stage during their grand entrance.

Despite the injury, the duo still went on to surprise the current housemates as they burst into a stage in the garden for a live singalong.

In tonight's show, due to Edward falling off the stage as seen live last night, he leaves the house and is examined by a medic in the diary room.

Meanwhile, John is left alone to bond with the other housemates as some of them experience Jedward for the first time.

Ray J asks Nicola who they are as he’s never heard of Jedward.

Speidi high fives John for having a joint name.


Heidi tells John that her and Spencer don’t do anything separate and are together all the time. John believes that’s how it should be; “It’s good that someone’s always on your level!”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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