Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jamie O'Hara describes divorce from Danielle Lloyd as "draining"

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Jamie O'Hara speaks out about his divorce from Danielle Lloyd in Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight.

After previously saying he been told not to talk about her, Jamie is seen discussing their split on the show this evening.


Jamie is in the bedroom chatting about his ex-wife and says: “When I was with her, I was earning really good money and she kind of expected that to continue."

He adds: "I’m not on that money no more!”

Jamie continues and admits to the other housemates: “It’s such a draining situation... I’m trying to re-build myself.”

One step in that rebuilding could be a brand new romance with his CBB co star Jasmine Waltz.

That's if Calum Best doesn't get there first...

Jasmine, who also got involved in a love triangle last time she was on the show, confesses to having the attention of both guys: “It’s a nice change from my last season where it was two girls and one boy, now I have the upper hand! Now I can scoot around from man to man!”


Jamie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother: “I need to get my bromance back together with Calum, Jasmine is getting involved in both!

"She seems fun and up for a laugh. Jasmine is a beautiful girl; I’m not one to compete. I don’t want to lose my boy! I think I may be kicked out my bed soon…”

Austin reveals he can see something developing between Calum and Jasmine, Bianca and Stacy agree. Stacy adds; “She’s enjoying the attention!”

In the bedroom, Angie tells Jamie: “Jasmine would be good for you…” Jamie says: “I like her…as a person…I wouldn’t say no.”

He adds: “I think she’s (Jasmine) cute and attractive. It’s fun, I like to have a laugh!”


But in the smoking area, Calum and Jasmine share a kiss on the lips

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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