Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 4 recap and highlights

Here are all of the highlights from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

On tonight’s show: James C receives a Killer Nomination and faces eviction on Friday, Jedward ‘blast’ into the house as the final housemate and Jasmine & Calum get closer.


Austin is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “Everyone seems to be in a great mood except Spencer of course! I had no intention in getting into an argument with them…”

Bianca and Coleen are speculating about whether or not a new housemate will enter the house, Coleen hopes it won’t be Jedward

In the bedroom, Ray J, Austin, Stacy and James J are talking about gun culture in the USA. Austin says; “Brits will never get it as they weren’t raised in a society that allows guns…I would prefer that there weren’t guns.” James J adds; ‘I think we’re (Brits) are more intelligent…I’d hate to carry a gun.” Austin reveals; “When I come to England I can say that I honestly sleep a little bit easier…the chances of someone having a gun in England is almost zero.” Ray J asks; “So you just can’t buy guns here?” James J tells him ‘no’

Coleen is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Speidi; “I’ve seen a different side to them, I know its absolute game playing with them. They’re actually nice...they are never apart!”

Calum is discussing his first time in Big Brother and how Katie Price always nominated him because she thought he’d ‘be safe’

On the sofas, Jasmine is telling Jamie that she’s a little more chilled than when she last appeared on Big Brother; “I still get moments of waves of huge anxiety, Oh god what is about to happen’!” Jamie reveals that he would have kissed her as part of The Producers task


In the bedroom, Jasmine tells Angie; “It’s a nice change from my last season where it was two girls and one boy, now I have the upper hand! Now I can scoot around from man to man!”

Nicola is in the diary room; “I can see Bianca and Jasmine are really close, I’m a little bit jealous…I feel I’m not in their click. Jamie and Calum are definitely having a bromance!”

Austin reveals he can see something developing between Calum and Jasmine, Bianca and Stacy agree. Stacy adds; “She’s enjoying the attention!”

In the bedroom, Angie tells Jamie; “Jasmine would be good for you…” Jamie says; “I like her…as a person…I wouldn’t say no.”

James C is in the diary room and reveals to Big Brother that he’s going to try and ‘wind up’ his housemates into believing he’s leaving the house. He leaves the diary room and starts to pack. He tricks Stacy and Ray J into believing he’s leaving and then reveals he was playing a game

Seen live last night: As a reward for successfully avoiding being ‘edited out’ by The Producers, Big Brother gives Angie and Jamie the chance to put one of the ‘edited out’ housemates up for eviction. The ‘edited out’ housemate facing Friday’s eviction is James C

Seen live last night: Big Brother throws the housemates a wrap party to celebrate The Producers task coming to an end

Seen live last night: Housemates are gathered in the garden for Jedward’s - housemate number 15 - entertaining entrance. Housemates cheer and dance to Jedward’s performance


Ray J asks Nicola who they are as he’s never heard of Jedward

Due to Edward falling off the stage - seen live last night - he is examined by a medic in the diary room

Speidi high fives John for having a joint name

Austin reveals to Bianca that Speidi are ‘winding him up’. Bianca is happy that Jedward have joined the house

In the storeroom, Austin is feeling upset. Bianca comforts him; “Try and enjoy yourself!” He says; “From the start I’m not having a good time. This is so unlike me.” Coleen adds; “Please don’t walk.” He replies; “I can’t say that won’t be a possibility at this point…”

Heidi tells John that her and Spencer don’t do anything separate and are together all the time. John believes that’s how it should be; “It’s good that someone’s always on your level!”

Jamie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about the evening; “I need to get my bromance back together with Calum, Jasmine is getting involved in both! She seems fun and up for a laugh. Jasmine is a beautiful girl; I’m not one to compete. I don’t want to lose my boy! I think I may be kicked out my bed soon…”

In the smoking area, Calum and Jasmine share a kiss on the lips

In the smoking area, Jamie tells Stacy; “I think she’s (Jasmine) cute and attractive. It’s fun, I like to have a laugh!”

Housemates are getting ready for bed. Calum and Jasmine are cuddling in his bed. Jamie also gets into the bed.


Jasmine kisses Calum goodnight on the lips and leaves the bed

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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