Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 3 recap and highlights

Here are all the highlights from tonight's Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

On tonight’s show: During an improvisation task, two more New Stars are edited out & Austin argues with Speidi about water bottles


Since launch, the All Stars ‘Producers’ have been ‘editing out’ their New Star housemates

Stacy believes she is not the least entertaining in the house; “I can sing! I can dance!”

In the diary room, Coleen is talking to Big Brother; “They’re all great housemates. I don’t know if I fit in, they have hot water and lemon for breakfast and I just want toast and jam! Angie is amazing and so healthy. She knows every ingredient in everything!”

In the garden, Ray J opens up about Whitney Houston; “I didn’t do one interview. I had so many people calling me offering millions of dollars to have an interview; I was like I don’t need the money, it’s not good money. That’s just not right. My karma in the long run would be bad.” Stacy comforts him; “It was not your fault.”

In the kitchen, Coleen is talking to James J about her husband; “I do think I’m having a midlife crisis, I don’t think it’s all him. I’m questioning everything – am I happy? I’m not putting all the blame on him. It’s just really sad.”

In the kitchen, Spencer believes that Jasmine may be sexually frustrated; “Jamie isn’t making a move, Calum totally dissed her. I think she would be putting on some different outfits if his mum wasn’t around!”


In the smoking area, Angie tells Coleen and James C that she’s worried about both of them sitting outside smoking all the time. She says to Coleen; “What worries me is that you know how dangerous it is to get sick more than anybody and yet you still do all the things you possibly can to make your body sick. What is this, a little beat me up time or what?” Coleen replies ‘no’. The pair continue to talk, Angie adds; “You must take responsibility for your body…”

For the task, the New Star housemates that haven’t been edited out must impress the All Star Producers by performing improvised scenes based on life in the Big Brother house. The two New Star housemates, who impress The Producers least, will join Stacy, Brandon and James C in being ‘edited out’

After the New Stars improvised performances, the All Stars believe that Bianca and Ray J are the least entertaining and therefore these two are now ‘edited out’

In the garden, James C tells Speidi about his all-time favourite phone call; “The phone rings, the voice says ‘Jimmy its Mel Gibson’. And I went yeah, who is that? Jimmy its Mel Gibson! The penny dropped! He said you know the part of Campbell; do you want to play that?”

In the smoking area, Coleen reveals to Calum that she would pick his mum as the next ‘edited out’ housemate, he says; “I wouldn’t be offended, no malice in it. You got to do what you got to do!”

As a reward for impressing in the earlier task, Big Brother throws winners Jamie and Angie a party to enjoy with The Producers. The five ‘edited out’ housemates watch from the bedroom.

Spencer hides bottles of water in his and Heidi’s bed

In the kitchen, Calum gives Jasmine a shoulder massage

In the bedroom, Ray J reveals ‘it’s time for him to grow up, buy some houses, have some kids and calm down.’

In the kitchen, Austin is feeling emotional; “I’m just in a really strange place right now. I’m in a new relationship. I really like this dude!”


In the smoking area, James J and Coleen are discussing Spencer hiding water bottles. They ask Bianca and Stacy to go and look for the water that Spencer took. They find the bottles hidden in Speidi’s bed; they then share the bottles out in the bedroom.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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