Let It Shine! Gary Barlow goes topless in his new TV show


Gary Barlow gets topless in the opening episode of his new TV Show Let It Shine this weekend.

Gary will be seen getting his kit off in an opening skit to his show on Saturday night, The Sun newspaper reports.


Gary told the tabloid: "Training was pretty intense. I’m 45 now, to go topless on TV is like, ‘I’m gonna get in shape for this’.

“I wanted to look semi decent. I didn’t want the old moobs flopping away there.”

Let It Shine judges: Amber Riley, Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp
Let It Shine judges: Amber Riley, Gary Barlow, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp

Speaking ahead of Let It Shine's debut on TV, Gary claimed his new BBC One series has the edge over its rivals.


And that includes The X Factor which he used to judge on ITV.

Let It shine will see the search for five vocalists to appear in a new West End musical based on the songs of Take That.

“I wanted to be up there saying that the prize is something real and tangible," Gary said this week. “Rather than saying ‘You are gonna be a star or this or that’. This show is for a job."

He told the Daily Star newspaper: “A 12-month contract to be in a musical which will travel all around the UK, eight shows a week for 52 weeks and who knows beyond that?”


Let It Shine will be competing for viewers with The Voice UK which moves to ITV from Saturday night.

But Gary said he was not worried about the numbers.


"That's someone else's job to think of that stuff," he said. "Everyone's going to be talking about that, I'm aware of it, but I think The Voice will be the same as us - you put your head down and you concentrate on your TV show and making it as good as you can.


"It's the same when you're making records and you're looking left to see what Coldplay and One Direction are doing. You're not focusing on your own project. You've got to be head and shoulders in this… But I might be checking [the ratings] the day after!"

Let It Shine airs Saturday at 7PM on BBC One with The Voice UK starting at 8PM on ITV.