Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates talk winning already

Some of the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates are already discussing the topic of the final.

Tuesday was Day 1 of the new series as Celebrity Big Brother January 2017 launched with a cast of All Stars and New Stars.


14 celebrities made their debut: All Stars: Heidi & Spencer, James Jordan, Jasmine Waltz, Austin Armacost, Coleen Nolan, Nicola McLean, Calum Best and New Stars: Bianca Gascoigne, Ray J, Stacy Francis, Brandon Block, James Cosmo, Jamie O’Hara and Angie Best.

In a chat in the house today (Thursday), Bianca, Austin and Jasmine spoke about the prospect of going all the way to the final.

Bianca declared: "It's okay to say you want to win."

But she insisted: "I just want to stay in to get the first one out of the way, I'd hate to go first."

All Star Jasmine added: "I just want to do better than last time. I have major anxiety about it."

Bianca continued: "Obviously we'd all like the chance to say we're a winner."

Jasmine replied: "I just want to make it through to the final to be here the whole time and see all the tasks and experience the whole thing since I left so early last time."

The trio went on to complain about Speidi wanting to win to 'rub Rylan's face in it' after he beat them during the show in 2013.

Jasmine remarked: "I don't understand their game plan at all, what are they up to?"


However it's not just Speidi the group have to worry about with two brand new housemates joining in Friday's live show.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Friday at 9PM and 10:30PM on Channel 5.

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