Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 2 recap and highlights

Here are all of the highlights and recap from the latest 24 hours of Celebrity Big Brother house action.

In tonight's show, the All Stars and New Stars wake up to their first full day in the Celebrity Big Brother house.


For this week’s task the All Stars have been assigned the role as CBB producers. Last night, The Producers had to edit out the New Stars they deemed the least entertaining. They chose to ‘edit out’ Stacy and James C.

Ray J opted not to share a bed and spent the night on the sofa. Bianca and Jasmine tell him that they would be happy to swap with him.

Bianca, Nicola and Jasmine are in the bedroom also talking about family. Bianca tells them that her mum is worried about her being in the house because of her own ‘bad experience’ with the press, “She can only see it in a bad light.”

Ray J is talking to Big Brother about the sleeping arrangements. He says that he didn’t think it “right” to share a bed with anyone, male or female, as he is married. He mentions that he was offered to share with one of the ladies but he had to get up “and put ice on my balls. It was the pretty lady, McLaan, McLain, the pretty lady with the nice…. Old Ray J bed, new Ray J couch, old Ray J bed, quick!”

Coleen and Calum are in the garden. She mentions that Speidi are “quite funny, they’re never apart.” Calum agrees and says that he wonders if Heidi is okay with Spencer pushing “people’s buttons.” The both agree that they enjoy Speidi’s company, “So far,” adds Calum.

Speidi are in the snug sizing up the competition. Spencer says that Angie will be the “biggest threat” to them winning. “She didn’t even tell her own son she was coming, that is hard-core.,” Heidi says that Bianca is “sooo cool” but thinks Nicola may be “playing” while Jasmine is “cut throat.”


Calum and Angie are enjoying some family time. “It’s brilliant we can do this together,” although he came in with a completely different mind-set which he will have to adjust. Angie offers to give Calum foot massage later, “Bit too close,” he quips.

For today’s task the All Star Producers will hold screen tests with the New Star Housemates. The Producers have a portfolio of the News Stars and will interview them one at a time.

During the interviews, when asked which Housemate he would have sex with, Jamie names Jasmine; Brandon thinks Big Brother might unleash his wilder side, Angie thinks that Spencer is untrustworthy; Bianca says she has only ever kissed Calum and might do it again and Ray J says he would like to be recognised for his music rather than his past.

At the end of the interviews, the Producers deliberate and Spencer whispers, ‘We’re gonna go with your mum, it’s not me, we’re team.” “No we’re not,’ Calum replies then announces Brandon as the next New Star to be edited out due to his “elusive” answers.

James J, Austin and Calum are in the garden talking about the task. James thinks that Spencer has found Calum’s “Achilles Heel,” in Angie. Calum disagrees but feels that Spencer isn’t being malicious, “He just likes to rile things up.” Calum adds: “Understand, he’s one with his missus, I’m two with my mum, I have a wing woman that counts as a person.”

Angie tells Stacy and James C about the task and says that Spencer wants her to go, “cos I picked on him, I said you’re not trustworthy.” Angie says they are all being who they are. Stacy says she loves that Calum defended her and shouts, “Yes Boo, I love you even more.”

Coleen and Jamie are in the garden talking about Jasmine. He says that Jasmine is his type of girl, “I like wild,” but says he needs to be careful. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a flirt,” Coleen reassures.

In the Diary Room, Jasmine tells Big Brother that Spencer is trying to “hook” her and Jamie up. She says that Jamie is her type because he has the right attributes but “my type isn’t a newly divorced guy with three kids, so yes and no.”

Some of the Housemates are in the kitchen talking about Spencer. Coleen says that if Calum thinks Spencer is “winding his mum up, he will lose his s**t.”


Speidi has come to talk to Big Brother. They say this is the most fun they’ve had since 2013. He mimics Coleen saying she has “come in to be myself.” Heidi claims that all of the All Stars are playing a game. They feel Calum and his mum are the biggest game players. “She’s just as scary as he is, bossy and demanding.” Heidi says her and Spencer are always the “outsiders”, Spencer adds: “They think they know our game, and they don’t know our game.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 will air tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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