Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Spencer Pratt rips into "fake" housemates

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Celebrity Big Brother's Spencer Pratt isn't too impressed with his fellow housemates.

In a Diary Room entry without wife Heidi Montag, Spencer slammed the stars of this year's series for being "fake nice".


And he begged Big Brother to start nominations as soon as possible.

Spencer said: "I think everyone's being fake nice to each other at the moment, we have to start with some nominations or lunch or something. Let's put some cards on the table, stop playing make believe with the whole 'family life', everyone's being fake nice."

The American reality star continued: "I think James [Jordan] is trying the hardest, trying to get along, I thin he's got another side of him.

"Stacy's trying to be fake nice, there's no coming back. I don't know her background, she could just be very sneaky...

"So far I do like Nicola, she's nice to Heidi and me, we'll see though."

Spencer went on to tell Big Brother: "People are better actors in there than you realise. I think Calum's mum [Angie] is a major threat, I think she's gnarly. I think she's more of a threat than Calum."

But a confident Spencer wasn't worried.


"Nobody in here is even... I've had four years of plotting, I'm on another level of game playing... I've not met my match," he said. "The only person on my level here is Big Brother but we're on the same side."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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