Celebrity Big Brother faces new 'FIX' accusations as new series kicks off

Celebrity Big Brother is facing claims of a fix from an 'axed' housemate.

Former housemate Jasmine Lennard is fuming at Celebrity Big Brother 2017 bosses after supposedly being dropped from the line up.


Jasmine, who first appeared on the show in 2012, was apparently ditched from the cast shortly ahead of this week's launch.

It was reported last week that Lennard had been replaced by another former housemate, Jasmine Waltz, at the last minute.


Ahead of the launch on Tuesday Jasmine posted a lengthy message online giving her side of events.

"The way i have been treated as a human being, as a single mother and as a person who has worked for them for over 10 years is disgusting," she said in a post on Twitter.

Jasmine vowed: "I intend to publish publicly all communications between myself and the Execs at [production company] Endemol in order to expose the full extent of the internal corruption and how dis hounourably they’ve behaved toward me so that the specific parties involved can be held accountable. "


And she went on to demand her fee for the show.

"I also intend with the full force of my legal team to drag these people through every court in the land if they refuse to honour the agreement they made with me and pay me," Jasmine wrote in the post.

She added: "I’m determined to take every and any action necessary to defend my good name and ensure that i receive both an apology and my fee in full."

Now according to The Sun, Jasmine is claiming that she was told in an alleged phone call with producers last year that it had been promised she would participate in the entire series, "implying she would be provided with some kind of immunity protecting her from elimination”.

The claims were made in legal paperwork as Jasmine fights for her full fee, the newspaper reports.


A source told the tabloid: “Jasmine details all her dealings with Big Brother in the run up to the live shows and has proof a substantial sum of money was accepted and plans were well under way to start filming her VT footage."


A spokesperson for the show declined to comment.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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