Celebrity Big Brother latest news! Speidi plot, potential romance and a BIG twist on the way

Latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news and gossip

Here's a recap of all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 news from this past 24 hours.

- Yesterday, Heidi and 'edited out' Stacy began their first full day in the house by clearing the air after their launch night clash.


- Some of the housemates speculated that Jasmine Waltz had the hots for Calum. "She's gagging for it," claimed Austin.

- Speidi talked tactics in the pod where they revealed they felt Angie Best was their biggest threat to winning.

- The All Star producers had to pick a third housemate to be edited out.

- Stacy has been accused of 'casual homophobia' following last night's first show.

- Davina McCall has revealed she's up for a Big Brother return and would host Bit On The Side if Rylan joined the house.

- Some of this year's Big Brother fees have been revealed with the biggest payouts ever.


- Kim Kardashian's pal Jonathan Cheban has been tipped to enter the house on Friday night for a 'showdown' with Ray J.

- There's also rumours Katie Price could be back in the house in Friday's live show.

- Meanwhile, Rylan has let slip news of another major plot twist due to be revealed later tonight.

- Big Brother is facing 'fix' accusations from one celeb who didn't make this year's All Star line up.


- 1.8 million viewers tuned in to last night's show.

- Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5.

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