Celebrity Big Brother's Stacy Francis accused of 'casual homophobia' after first show

Tonight's first highlights of Celebrity Big Brother 2017 proved rather controversial.

This evening's episode recapped last night's live launch as the fourteen All Star and New Star housemates settled in.


And it took all of the one show for some viewers to get up in arms about something.

Tonight it was Stacy Francis referring to Austin Armacost as 'the gay boy' and suggesting the other guys wouldn't want to share a bed with him.

She said in the smoking area: “So [Ray J] didn’t want to sleep with Brandon [Block]? But he will sleep with a gay boy? The boy that wants to… the gay boy.

“Isn’t Austin gay? So [Ray J] is okay with that?”

The conversation got a bit awkward with Stacy then declaring she was just “being sarcastic.”

She added: “Everyone is so serious, oh my God.”


On Twitter, there were quite a few reactions to the exchange.

"Oh dear. Stacey just lost some respect with the casual homophobia. #NotCool #CBB" one viewer wrote.

Another added: "We just gonna ignore that homophobic comment Stacy made and tried to pass as sarcasm? 🙄 #cbbuk #cbb"

And a third commented: "Lmao Stacy tryna cover her homophobia by saying it's 'sarcasm' hm okay boo #cbb"


While some viewers weren't impressed, there was no indication that Big Brother felt the comments merited any warning.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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