Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Jamie O'Hara 'banned' from talking about ex-wife Danielle Lloyd

Jamie O'Hara has claimed he's been 'banned' from talking about his ex-wife on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

In the show tonight, Jamie tells Nicola McLean that his ex-wife Danielle Lloyd has told him not to talk about her in the house.


Nicola reveals; “Everyone’s situation is different.

"Luckily, we (her and her husband) found a place to make it work. I’m so happy we can! I adore him. It’s footballers!”

Jamie laughs; “We’re not all bad!”

Speaking to The Sun before launch night yesterday, Jamie said his fee would help pay for his divorce.

He explained: "I lost quite a bit in my divorce so it’s always nice to be offered money. At the end of the day we’re here to make a living."

The footballer, who was married to Danielle between 2012 and 2014, added: “I lost a few quid. This hopefully gives me an opportunity to build a future for me and my kids.”


And as for the possibility of romance in the house, Jamie revealed what he was looking for in a partner: “One that doesn’t take all your money.”

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the show tonight, there's concern already that one housemate might crack under the pressure.

In the smoking area, Nicola and Coleen feel that this experience ‘may not be for Angie’.

Angie asks the pair how to get in the shower. Nicola says; “Get in, take your clothes off and then throw your clothes over. Take your towel with you.”


Angie heads back to the bathroom. Coleen says to Nicola; “I’m not being funny…It’s a game! They’re not putting us in a five star hotel!”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on Channel 5.

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