Celebrity Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 1 recap and highlights

Here's your first daily recap of all the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2017 goings on in the house.

Yesterday was Day 1 and Celebrity Big Brother January 2017 has launched! The most famous house in Britain is back and has undergone pop-art makeover. This series it’s All Stars and New Stars


14 celebrities make their debut: All Stars: Heidi & Spencer, James Jordan, Jasmine Waltz, Austin Armacost, Coleen Nolan, Nicola McLean, Calum Best and New Stars: Bianca Gascoigne, Ray J, Stacy Francis, Brandon Block, James Cosmo, Jamie O’Hara and Angie Best

All Stars are made ‘The Producers’ and are brought into a secret producers room by Big Brother. The Producers must decide which of the New Stars is least entertaining, and as such must ‘edit one out’

The Producers decide to edit out Stacy. She puts on a beige ‘edited out’ tracksuit and sits in the garden

Ray J reveals that he knows Stacy; “She’s a friend of the family. We experienced something real deep, a tragic thing happened…”

The All Stars enter the living area and meet the New Stars

Calum is shocked to see his mum Angie and greets her; “You must be crazy!” Angie explains to Calum that Ray J and Stacy have previously experienced something ‘deep’


The first edited out housemate Stacy is in the garden. Spencer explains to her that Big Brother is ‘a game’ and ‘a journey’. She tells him that she was ‘in shock’ when she saw Ray J

Coleen tells Ray J; “I can see you being a nightmare!” The pair laugh

In the living area, Bianca and Nicola ask Stacy if she’s OK, she says she’s fine

Spencer tells Bianca that the rules are that she shouldn’t be talking to Stacy

Coleen is telling Stacy and Angie about her and her singing sisters.

In the living area, Jamie tells Nicola that his ex-wife told him not to talk about her. Nicola reveals; “Everyone’s situation is different. Luckily, we (her and her husband) found a place to make it work. I’m so happy we can! I adore him. It’s footballers!” Jamie laughs; “We’re not all bad!”

In the diary room, Ray J is talking about his housemates; “I’m being asked about the sex tape, am I married...I’m ready to tell everybody everything! I’m cool, I’m very respectable.”

Some of the housemates are talking in the garden. Coleen reveals she missed the Big Brother experience when she left last time. James J states that he loved his previous Big Brother experience

Big Brother opens the bedroom for housemates to choose their beds; Ray J is asleep on the sofa. Housemates are discussing where they will sleep

Calum is in the diary room talking about his mum; “They pulled a fast one on me! Oh my god that’s my mum! I came in thinking I can be a bit more wild and a bit more loose, I still can in a way but my mother is now here to watch it all unfold. I’m a big protector of my mother. This is stopping me taking shots of whiskey and go be a flirt!”


In the smoking area, Nicola and Coleen feel that this experience ‘may not be for Angie’. The pair agrees that they like Spencer. Angie asks the pair how to get in the shower. Nicola says; “Get in, take your clothes off and then throw your clothes over. Take your towel with you.” Angie heads back to the bathroom. Coleen says to Nicola; “I’m not being funny…It’s a game! They’re not putting us in a five star hotel!”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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