Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Speidi and Stacy Francis are ALREADY arguing

Stacy Francis has had a bit of a tough first night on Celebrity Big Brother 2017.

Last night was the live launch of the special All Stars v New Stars series as fourteen housemates joined the house.


This year the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 line up is made up of a mix of former housemates and new celebs taking part for the first time.

In a first twist the All Stars were put in charge and had to pick one of the New Stars to edit out. They chose Stacy who was therefore excluded from the night's welcome party.


After that, the American singer was in tears over fellow new star Ray J, with the pair having history together outside of the house.

Later on, just hours into the series, we had the first row after Speidi clashed with Stacy.

Stacy accused Spencer of 'pushing her buttons' and Heidi of being 'confrontational' just for the cameras following the twist.


"Everybody's making it like it something it ain't, it's not cool, don't make it something it's not for TV," Stacy told Heidi.

The former X Factor USA finalist went to accuse Heidi of 'lashing out' at her: "I'm sitting in a chair minding my business and I didn't do nothing, I'm sitting in a damn chair."

But Heidi said she overheard Stacy talking about her.


"You started it boo," insisted Stacy.


It's looking like we could be set for quite the series...

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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