Ashley Banjo reveals all about new TV show Dance, Dance, Dance

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Ashley Banjo has spilled all on his new ITV show Dance, Dance Dance.

Diversity's Ashley is one of three judges on the new entertainment series, which will see celebs take part a series of dance offs themed on iconic music videos.


Ashley said: I think dancers around the country, or anyone who knows about dance, will be massively impressed.

"But in a way the technical part of the dance is not important because anyone who loved say, Michael Jackson’s videos, didn’t watch them for his dance skills, they loved them for how entertaining they were.

"So when you see these celebrities come out and bring these iconic videos to life, if they do it well they help you relive the moment you saw it for the first time.

"Every week is like a classic compilation album of all the hits over the last 20 years, the soundtrack to this show is insane, I hope everyone will love it."

Ashley went on: "It’s about recreating the videos or dances from the movies, so as a performer it’s about taking on the persona of the person in the routine that you’re recreating.

"It’s not just about learning the steps, it’s about becoming Beyoncé, Rihanna or Michael Jackson in those moments and bringing it to life."

Meanwhile, Ashley said this would be one show where he wouldn't be taking to the dancefloor himself.

He said: "Unfortunately in this series I won’t be dancing, my feet will be firmly under the judging desk. But I might still be dancing under the desk, I can’t keep my feet still!


"It’s actually quite nice to just sit back and watch other people perform because usually I’m the one with the pressure of putting the performance together. "

Dance, Dance, Dance starts this Sunday night on ITV at 6:30PM.

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