Let It Sine! Gary Barlow reveals all about his new TV show


Gary Barlow has spilled all on his new TV show Let It Shine.

The new BBC One talent series follows similar previous musical shows with Andrew Lloyd Webber, such as Any Dream Will Do and Over the Rainbow, although Gary's programme appears a lot more glitzy and glamorous.


We already knew that Let It Shine would be on the hunt for male vocalists and performers to appear in a new musical based on the music of Gary's band Take That.

Now Gary has revealed more details, saying that the new musical will be called simply 'The Band'.

A group of five from Let It Shine will enjoy a starring role with a 12 month contract in the stage show, which while featuring their songs isn't directly about Take That.


Another aspect of the show that Gary is keen to emphasise is that it's all about positivity.

"I don't feel like kids really interact like they used to," Gary told the Radio Times magazine this week. "They're on the phone, their PlayStation or whatever... So wouldn't this be a lovely thing to show people what it's like to work as a team."

Gary said Let It Shine will have a "theatre vibe" rather than shows focused on the charts like The X Factor.

"I love that supportive, warm way of doing things," said Gary, whose previous musical credits include Finding Neverland and The Girls.

Let It Shine begins on BBC One this Saturday night at 7PM.