Katie Price reveals: I left ITV because they didn't "look after me"

Katie Price

Katie Price has revealed that she left ITV for Sky because she didn't feel as though she was being looked after by the channel. Speaking to reporters ahead of the launch of her new reality series, Katie, the former glamour model complained that ITV never promoted her or her show.

"I don't think I was looked after at ITV. That's why I left," Price told The Mirror. "I was their most successful show on ITV2 and yet they never promoted me.

"I wanted billboards and never got them. It's always been one of my dreams to be on a billboard and now it's come true. There's one near my old school which I am really pleased about."

The reality star added: "It's a big up yours to anyone who ever doubted me. It will show all those people who didn't think I'd be anyone - well here I am."

'Katie' launches tomorrow night on Sky Living HD at 9PM.

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