Coach Trip Series 6: TellyMix's Week Five Round-Up

Hello and welcome to Week Five of Coach Trip! This week, the coach stayed around Portugal before re-entering Spain for a fun day. As is traditional, wherever they went, trouble followed as a couple were sent home for cheating after Hilary steered them wrong. So enjoy!

Monday: Day 21 - Obidos

The tourists had a relaxing start to the day with a yoga lesson and after the dramatic events of Friday, two couples took the session of yoga as an opportunity to relax and unwind. After the yoga, the six couples had a medieval style afternoon before the vote. And at the vote, the yellow card went to Janice and Jaki.

Tuesday: Day 22 - Lisbon

The coach rolled into Lisbon with a new couple, Tom and Shaun catching the eye of Lucie and Sarah. The afternoon's activity of an electric buggy ride to a castle went awry when Brendan and the coachees got lost! However, buggies were the least of his worries as he discovered that Janice and Jaki had been canvassing for votes and gave them an automatic red card. However, the sisters had something to say for themselves as they revealed that Hilary had told them they couldn't ask to leave in a bid to get them chucked off. Despite the drama, the vote carried on and it was bad news for Val and Margaret who recieved their second yellow card and quickly left the coach.

Wednesday: Day 23 - Evora

As the coach went to Evora, the tourists got a unique opportunity as they took a look at some birds - the feathered kind that is on an ostrich farm. But the fab five couples soon became worried as Brendan tasked them with going into the enclosure and taking an egg, without telling them that the birds in the enclosure wouldn't go near them! And at the vote, it wasn't just the eggs that were cracking as the alliance turned on each other with Rob and Timmy voting for Emma and Wayne and vice versa leading to a yellow card for Wayne and Emma!

Thursday: Day 24 - Villamoura

Two of the spare seats on the bus were filled by aunt and nephew Karen and Ben before the group got to experience the beauty of nature in Villamoura as they went out dolphin watching in the Algarve. An afternoon at a water park was then followed by yet more cracks appearing in the once invincible alliance as Rob and Timmy voted against a fellow couple again - this time fellow coach veterans Hilary and Terry (pictured) who were shocked to recieve a yellow card.

Friday: Day 25 - Seville

The bus made tracks in Spain again as Brendan and his tourists visited Seville, famous for its bull runs.And before the day's activities, they were joined by friends Sharon and Tessa. The group put on their dancing shoes trying out Flamenco Dancing before waving the red rag at the bull ring. However, the rag wasn't the only red thing as Brendan revealed his evil twist - an instant red card for whoever recieved the most votes at the vote. And it was bad news for recent newcomers Ben and Karen who clocked up the votes.

So that's your lot! But what's that? Sad to see the coach reach its final week? Don't worry because the series will go out on a high as the final week sees the drama step up a notch with a new father and son couple and the newbies turning the tables on the veterans at the vote.

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