Comic Dom Joly working on new reality show with ex-Big Brother producer

Dom Joly

Comedian Dom Joly has revealed he has teamed up former Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity producer Daniel Nettleton to work on a new reality television format. Speaking to DigitalSpy, Dom said he wanted something more than current reality shows that just "chuck a load of people together".

"I want something that will f**k with your head a little bit more," the Trigger Happy TV comic told the website. "I think I'm supposed to hate reality TV, but I'm obsessed by it. Not all of them, but well-made reality TV is a real skill I think."

Dom revealed he would be working with Daniel Nettleton on a new format after meeting the producer on last year's I'm A Celebrity series. Nettleton has previously worked on the Big Brother reality series, voicing both Big Brother himself and the notorious Tree of Temptation which featured in the final series of the programme.

Joly explained: "When I was in the jungle I recognised the traits of the guy who did the Tree of Temptation on Big Brother, because he was the producer on this year's I'm A Celeb and he did the spy challenge and things like that.

"We got on after the show and we're coming up with a reality show that I'm quite excited about."

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