How to Watch Eurovision Song Contest 2011 by Guest Writer Will

Eurovision is great fun but it's not always the easiest viewing experience. It's long, it's often boring, it's can be amateurish and it's ponderous. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your viewing experience.

Firstly, invite your friends. Ideally, you want friends who are fans of X-Factor or Glee. You would probably only admit to watching Eurovision 2011 among close friends. It's a fun vice, best combined it with your other fun vices, so have a drink and prepare to forget about the outside world for a few hours. But make sure you pace yourself in order to make the most of the whole thing. A spot of Eurovision betting can also make the evening pass more swiftly.

Secondly, make sure you behave like Simon Cowell. You will see a wide range of quality at Eurovision. There will be cheesy Eurotrash, painfully amateur performances, brilliant pop songs and lots of avant-garde design. So be vocal about what you find good and bad - there is a lot to like and a lot to criticise too. And remember that each song is only 3 minutes long, so the next great thing could be just around the corner.

Finally, there are two semi-finals in the week before the big night. If you are watching Eurovision for ironic value, these are the nights to watch. This is where the worst performances - and often some of the most interesting - are weeded out. It's a great night for fans of atrocious music.

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