First Dates returns - with unicorns, an Olympian kickboxer and a pub landlady

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First Dates returns to Channel 4 tonight at 10PM for a brand new series.

Following the recent celebrity series, it's now time for 'normal' folk to enjoy a (hopefully) romantic evening at the First Dates resturant

With summer now all but over, cheeky Frenchman Fred has been working overtime to make sure the autumn and winter months are filled with love, fun, frolics... and the odd faux pas.

In tonight's show we meet Charlie, who's 25, is searching for his perfect 'unicorn' to fit his 'hot, crazy matrix', but with his sights set so high, he's yet to find his holy grail. Public relations whizz Lorna seems to tick all of Charlie's boxes, but her love life has yet to match the success of her corporate career, and when Charlie tells her that he's looking for a unicorn, the date hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, Olympic Team GB bobsleigh athlete Jordan is often surrounded by fit ladies; he loves them and they love him, so he's slightly torn over his decision to turn over a new leaf and start a relationship. But when he meets Team GB kickboxer Aston, it seems like all of his dreams have come true, if he can focus on her and not let his eyes wander...

Elsewhere, Brash business owner Colin has reached 52 with everything he wants from life, except the right woman to be the final piece of his jigsaw. He's had it tough and shoots from the hip, so pub landlady Sally faces a challenge to try and tame him, and when he describes exactly what he wants from a lady she must decide if she's the right woman to solve his puzzle.

First Dates, Channel 4, 10PM

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