Holly Hagan was rejected from Celebrity Big Brother... TWICE

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Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has claimed she was rejected twice from the Celebrity Big Brother line up.

We have to say it's quite a surprise we've not seen Holly on the show yet, given how pretty much all of her co-stars have popped up at some point.


And it turns out bosses did almost put Holly in the house twice but decided against it both times.

According to Holly, the first time producers didn't like her 'image' and the second time was because she had 'grown up'.

"I've interviewed for it twice, but they didn't like how I looked," claimed Holly.

She told Star magazine: "The first time was three years ago. I had red hair and I was bigger, so I didn't have the sexy image they wanted.

"The second time I had brown hair and I'd lost weight, but I'd grown up and they said, 'She's not the girl we met two years ago.'"

And Holly declared: "It's their loss."


The comments follow Holly hitting out at I'm A Celebrity producers after they supposedly 'BANNED' reality stars from their show.

It was reported that producers of the series were keen to avoid familiar faces from shows like Geordie Shore in favour of more "credible" celebrities.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “I’m A Celeb . . . wants to go back to its roots by signing up more cult favourites from the past and current, newsworthy personnel."

On Twitter and Holly slammed the reports, accusing bosses of being "scared".


She tweeted to her followers: "just scared because these so called "un-credible" people have fantastic personalities that people LOVE to watch."

Perhaps Holly was hoping for a spot in the's line up after the CBB rejection?

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