Andrew Lloyd Webber wants Nicole Scherzinger for new music reality show

Nicole Scherzinger

Andrew Lloyd Webber is said to have opened a 'bidding war' against Simon Cowell to get Nicole Scherzinger to appear on his new music reality talent show. Webber wants US pop singer Scherzinger for his new, as-yet unnamed, follow up to Over The Rainbow due to be broadcast later this year on BBC One.

However it seems as though Webber will have competition for the Pussycat Doll, with Simon Cowell also interested in the singer for The X Factor - both in the UK and the US.

Nicole herself confirmed she was in talks with Webber for a new show, saying: "We've been talking about doing some work together soon, on stage and on his new TV show. I would love it.

"Andrew is a friend - he and his wife Madeleine are lovely. I'm in awe of him and inspired by him. Coming up in the musical theatre, we have a lot in common."

Meanwhile Nicole revealed she hadn't heard anything about a role on The X Factor, despite holding talks with Simon Cowell. "I haven't heard about X Factor," she told TV Biz, but added: "If Simon asked me, I'd do it.

"I had some reservations initially because it sounds like such a big commitment, but it's a challenge I would be willing to take on."

Nicole is expected to top the UK charts this week with her new single 'Don't Hold Your Breath'.

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