Coach Trip Series 6: Tellymix's Week Four Round-Up!

Here at TellyMix, we take our responsibilities very seriously so with C4's hit teatime reality show Coach Trip reaching it's sixth series, we're running a new news feature every Friday reviewing the week's events with Brendan and his 14 tourists. And this week, in Week Four the coach continued its journey in Spain before moving over the border to Portugal. Enjoy!

Monday - Day 16: Oviedo

The coach rolled into Oviedo where our coachees had a pampering session in Oviedo. The (not so) famous five were joined by Liverpudlian mates Andrew and Leah and they had a go at quad-biking. At the vote, TellyMix favourites and one of the three originals Barbara and Elaina were voted off as they revealed that they wanted to go home but not before revealing that they suspected that Hilary was leading an alliance.

Tuesday - Day 17: A Coruna

The day started with the arrival of sisters Jaki and Janice and after the sad departure of Babs and Elaina, TellyMix suspected that they had a new favourite couple in the minxy sisters. After the arrivals settled in, the 6 couple strong coach and formidable Brendan had a try at Cubist painting with some interesting creations before they had a music lesson with Galacian folk band in the afternoon. At the vote, the lines were drawn as the alliance gave Andrew and Leah their first yellow card.

Wednesday - Day 18: Santiago De Compostela

A peaceful visit to the holy grounds of Santiago De Compostela was disrupted by the rowdy tourists as Andrew and Leah played a recording from their phone of original Hilary asking them to join their alliance. Before viewers could see if the revelation would have an impact on the vote, Irish twins Gary and Alan filled the spare seats. After the shocking event of the morning, Andrew and Leah failed to stay and left two more seats spare.

Thursday - Day 19: Porto

The coach crossed the border from Spain to Portugal however on the boat, the rift between the alliance and the newbies showed no sign of healing as the new couples Jan and Jaki and Gary and Alan bonded without the interaction of the alliance.  A tripe cookery lesson and port tasting session on a boat made up the activities for the day and at the vote Rob and Timmy and Gary and Alan had a war of words with the Irish Twins recieving their first yellow card courtesy of the alliance.

Friday - Day 20: Aveiro

The coach's spare seats were filled by Geordie mates Lucy and Sarah before they all tried their hand at making traditional sweet eggs. However, the Portuguese Sun took its toll on Jaki and Janice as one of them suffered severe sunburn. As the sisters went to hospital, the rest tried folk dancing but at the vote there was definitely no dancing as Gary and Alan were given their red card but not before giving Rob and Timmy and Hilary and Terry some home truths.

And that's your lot! Week Four saw three departures, from TellyMix favourites Barbara and Elaina, to Livepudlian Andrew and Leah to today's departures Gary and Alan, they all failed to avoid the red cards. And Week Five will be even more dramatic as TellyMix can tease a shock vote, one couple sent home for cheating and some very interesting new newbies. That's your lot folks or in the words of Sir Brendan ''The vote is now terminated''!!!!!!!!

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