Seven ways to make Big Brother more like actual Big Brother

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Big Brother is set for another refresh this year and here are seven key things we want changing.

None of these are particularly new or innovative but they're how Big Brother should be, which is very different to the show it has become in recent years.


Housemates we've not seen before

Last summer's cast included a number of familiar faces from other TV shows, including no fewer than three Ex On The Beach stars. Some of the housemates were more famous than those who have entered the Celebrity house (Bobby Sabel, anyone?).

Let's start off the new series of Big Brother with a cast of people that haven't already got a CV full of reality shows.

Big Brother 2016 house: The Diary Room
Big Brother 2016 house: The Diary Room

Stop the constant stirring twists

It seems that every other task in recent Big Brother series involved some sort of stirring, whether it was revealing nominations or what people said behind one another's backs.

Why is there a need to constantly manufacture drama? For once, let's just leave things to play out naturally...

Actual tasks

That means tasks that last more than a few hours, tasks that require housemates to actually do something and tasks that have a clear pass or fail measure.

Bring back the times when tasks would last for days, see housemates stay up overnight and require some amount of effort to pass.


Ban outside contact

One of Big Brother's core premises is that there is no contact with the outside world, and that includes Tweets and friends & family walking in to tell housemates just what's been going on. A vetted letter from home towards the end of the series is as much as they should get.

Enforce the rules with actual punishments

From nominations talking to wearing sunglasses indoors, let's get the actual Big Brother back who enforces his rules. When it comes to punishments, stop with rubbish like cutting off hot water.

Nominations talk should result in an immediate ban on nominating and being automatically put up for eviction.

Kick people out

If housemates really can't obey by the rules then kick them out, no housemate is bigger than the show. Simple as.

Emma Willis.


We're always going to want it back. It's bad enough having a day worth of action cut to 42 minutes, but when you have double evictions added to an hour show you end up with little more than 15 minutes of actual highlights from the house.

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