Eden starts on Channel 4 as 23 strangers begin a new life from scratch


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Eden kicked off on Channel 4 tonight as 23 men and women began a year-long attempt to build a new society from scratch.

Well, we say from scratch, they got more than a helping hand with some viewers quipping they had 'half of Halfords'.

The group began building a camp with the help of tools, hunting food with weapons, cooking with pots, and keeping dry with raincoats.

But it's not so much about the physical problems of starting again, rather the much more complex social issues.

The 23 strangers need to work together to build their new home, grow their own food and raise their own livestock.

Coming form a variety of backgrounds, the people involved offer all sorts of skills, some more useful than others.

Continuing Monday nights on Channel 4 at 9PM, Eden follows the group's journey as they decide if they want to live together, or in fragmented smaller units; accept majority decisions, or do as each of them pleases.

In the first episode tonight, the 23 volunteers tackled the start of their 365 day experience as they opened the gates into Eden - the 600 acres they'll call home for the coming year.

It wasn't long before the honeymoon period was over with some of the group deciding to splinter off to start construction of a second camp.

There were arguments over whether a meeting was in fact a meeting and some tough decisions for the vegetarians of the group.

However it wasn't all a downer, as thanks to some home-made experimental alcohol some of those living in Eden quickly got a bit sinful once the sun set.

Eden continues Channel 4 at 9PM on Monday nights.

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