Eden cast: Meet the contestants on Channel 4's reality show

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Eden is back on Channel 4 tonight as 23 men and women come together to 'start again'.

Filmed over a year in the remote Scottish Highlands, Eden saw the 23 contestants challenged with building a new life and creating a society from scratch.


From constructing shelter and finding food to making laws and agreeing on rules, together they had to decide how they want to live as a community isolated from the rest of the modern world.

Contestants on Channel 4's Eden come from a variety of backgrounds and careers, ranging from vets and doctors to chefs and handymen. There are also a number of camera operators taking part who will film all that happens, as well as the rest of the group using hand held recorders.

There are no tasks or winners: It's down to the contributors to shape what success looks like over the year.

Channel 4 say that the series "aims to challenge everything about modern living, raising questions about what we need to be happy, what we want from our communities and how we are influenced by society as a whole."

Filming wrapped up back in March and now what happened will play out over the next week nightly at 10PM on Channel 4...

Eden cast

Here's who STARTED the series of Eden...

The men
Andrew (Shopfitter, 34)
Anton (Rowing coach, 41)
Ben (Embedded crew, 37)
Glenn (IT Consultant & Gamekeeper, 35)
Jack (Former Army Officer, 31)
Lloyd (Locksmith and Fisherman, 37)
Matt (Embedded crew, 32)
Robert J (Student, 26)
Robert P (Vet, 28)
Stephen (Chef, 26)
Tom (Outdoor instructor, 25)
Oli (Embedded crew, 37)
Raphael (Carpenter, 55)


The women
Caroline (Dog groomer & Shepherdess, 27)
Jane (Embedded crew, 42)
Jasmine (Personal Trainer and Yoga instructor, 24)
Jenna (Junior Doctor, 27)
Josie (Shop Assistant, 26)
Katie (Marine Conservationist and Artist, 30)
Rachel (Food Development Officer, 29)
Tara (Life Coach, 33)
Sam (Paramedic, 25)
Ali (Junior Doctor, 24)

Eden started again on Channel 4 on Monday 07 August at 22.00. The series continues until Friday at 10PM.

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