Karen Barber rumoured to be returning to Dancing On Ice panel

Karen BarberDancing On Ice head coach Karen Barber may be returning to the panel as a judge it has been revealed. The ex ice-skater who was on the panel until this series hit the headlines this week after she had an on-air argument with controversial Jason Gardiner and following the spat, she may be set to return.

According to rumours, show bosses are planning to bring Karen  back to answer criticisms that there aren't enough ice skating  professionals on the judging panel and so Barber who trains the celebrities to have a greater say against Jason. If Karen gets the role on the panel, the sparks are expected to fly as her and Gardiner's argument manifested recently.

The clash came on Sunday night after Karen disagreed with the judges about Johnson Beharry VC's progress when Gardiner snapped back at her: ''If your opinion still mattered, Karen, you would still be on the judging panel.'' The comment sparked thousands of complaints by angry viewers who said that Gardiner was out of order making the comments.

Speaking of the rumours, an insider told The Mirror: ''Many people were upset by what Jason said and Karen was devastated. He made her sound like she was worthless on the show and that couldn't be further from the truth. The reason Karen was moved off the panel was to free her up to spend more time with the skaters, giving them expert tips and tuition.''

Continuing, the source said: ''She is brilliant at what she does and Jason's comments last Sunday upset not just Karen but a lot of the cast,crew and producers. This week, there have been talks about giving Karen back her slot on the panel. As well as allowing her to respond to Jason more directly, it would also mean that the panel had more actual skating experts on board.''

So are you hoping that this will happen? Would you like to see Karen on the panel or do you prefer her staying as head coach as she may be biased as a judge? Did Jason's comments anger you? Do you think it was an over-reaction?

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