Celebrity Storage Hunters is coming to Dave for a full series

storage hunters dave

Celebrity Storage Hunters is getting a full series on UKTV channel Dave.

A five episode run has been commissioned following a Christmas special earlier this year.

The Celebrity format, fronted by auctioneer Sean Kelly, sees famous faces competing for cash for a chosen charity.

The one-off Christmas show in 2015 included Happy Mondays' singer Shaun Ryder and comic Bob Mortimer.

No names have been announced for the new series yet but show boss Sean Doherty teased: "We've got some fantastic guests to make sure this full series will be really memorable."

He added: "The Christmas special was even better than we could have hoped, with the celebrities really getting into the Storage Hunters spirit."

UKTV executive producer Helen Nightingale said: "Storage Hunters UK is a winning combination of fierce competition and fast-paced action.

"Add famous faces to the mix, and you get a whole new dynamic of rivalry."

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