Educating Joey Essex returns for the Queen's Birthday and the EU Referendum

Educating Joey Essex

Educating Joey Essex returns for series two this summer and will be taking on all of the big talking points of the year so far.

Britain’s most famous Essex boy, Joey Essex, begins his latest series of intellectual challenges in a brand new seven part series of Educating Joey Essex.

Fresh from his crash course in politics last year, Joey is once again on a mission to learn more about the world around him, and familiarise himself with the hot topics and big issues that everyone is talking about.

This time around, Joey’s fact-finding assignments will be centred around celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday and the European Referendum.

Joey’s latest journey of discovery will kick off with Joey learning more about Britain’s greatest institution – the Royal Family.

He may be the self proclaimed King of Essex, but, with the Queen celebrating her 90th birthday, Joey’s about to find out whether regal life really is reem when he enlists the help of various Royal experts, including Jennie Bond and Paul Burrell, to get his own insight into the monarchy.

He will then be getting back on board with politics as he puts his previous political know how into practise to get clued up on the European Referendum, as the landmark vote dawns on 23rd June.

But can the man who once thought Richard & Judy created the world get to grips with European policy in time to vote yes or no? After his political onslaught last year, which saw Joey speak to political leaders Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage in the lead up to the General Election, which political figures will Joey be going one to one with this time around?

Later in the year Joey will be jetting off to the US for more educational fulfilment in three specials.

Educating Joey Essex will air on ITV2.

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