ITV1 picks up 'The X Factor meets Total Wipeout' reality show Sing If You Can

Twist And Shout

ITV1 has picked up a new reality show called Sing If You Can for a primetime Saturday night slot, it has been reported. The show, made by Scandinavian company Zodiak Media Group, is a cross between The X Factor and Total Wipeout, with celebrity contestants singing songs whilst being put off by a range of stunts and contraptions.

Website C21 Media quote head of Zodiak USA, Grant Mansfield as saying: "[ITV] ordered six episodes right there in the room as we were pitching it."

"It's a daft slapstick show but if you want to enter a crowded market you need something unique."

Check out of a promo video of the show, orignally titled Twist & Shout, below...