Jason Gardiner 'wants Karen Barber sacked from Dancing On Ice'

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner has reportedly called on the show's producers to sack Karen Barber, the programme's 'Head Coach'. Jason described Karen, who used to the judge the show before being removed from the panel last year, as "infuriating" in his rant against the pro-skater.

The Sun quotes the ever critical judge as ranting: "Why is she still here? I find the woman infuriating.

"I know she protects and she's mother hen and all that sort of stuff, but the thing that annoys me about her is that she doesn't actually listen to the critiques that we're giving."

He added: "She just keeps saying how hard they're working and how far they've come."

The paper also claims Jason spoke to celebrity contestant Johnson Beharry after Sunday night's show, telling the VC hero: "let that battleaxe Karen Barber hinder his progress".

Dancing On Ice continues this Sunday at 6:35PM on ITV1.