Big Brother and The X Factor top telly complaints league of the decade

Big Brother 2010 eye

Reality shows Big Brother and The X Factor were the most complained about telly programmes over the past decade, TV watchdog Ofcom has revealed. The 'complaints league in the last decade' saw Big Brother come out on top with more than 57,000 complaints during its 10-year-run, 40,000 of which came from 2007's race row.

Despite being on the face of it a reasonably uncontroversial show, The X Factor managed to attract enough complaints to see it score second place in the rankings, with around 10,000 complaints since the series started back in 2004. Show boss Simon Cowell however wasn't fazed by the results, saying last month: "People love to hate it. I don't want to be a goody goody show pretending that we're all nice people. We're not.

"I've loved every minute of it. It's been controversial, interesting, unexpected. I've met with fans and they like the changes and the twists. I would never want to make the same show as we did before."

Meanwhile a spokesperson for Ofcom commented: “With shows like Big Brother and The X Factor, people are being asked to phone in and contribute.

“When a viewer feels aggrieved with the show they’ve been asked to have a hand in, perhaps they feel a greater sense of injustice.”