10,000 BC: Meet contestants on Channel 5's new Two Tribes series

See the 10,000BC cast of 2016

Here's a look at all of the contestants taking part in Channel 5's new reality series 10,000 BC: Two Tribies

It's hard enough for most of us to go without wi-fi for more than 15 minutes, but this new series will see contestants suffer a much worse fate than that.

10,000 BC: Two Tribes is the second run of the show following last year's inaugural series and will again see the cast stripped of all their modern gadgets and conveniences, then forced to hunt for their own food and dig their own toilets, as they live like our Stone Age ancestors.

Their mission will once again be to survive in the wilderness existing only on what they can hunt, forage and make. What has ten thousand years of evolution has given us and what it has taken away?

However this year there is a twist to proceedings as two individual tribes will be set up, each starting the challenge unknown to one another's presence.

Last year saw contestants drop like flies as they struggled to adjust to life in the Stone Age - how many will last it out this time around? And what will happen when the two tribes come face to face?

10,000BC airs on Channel 5 Wednesdays at 10pm, from 20th January.


Daniel Whitfield

Age: 26
From: Cleveland
Job: Supermarket cashier
Tribe: Cray

10,000BC airs on Channel 5.

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