Kerry Katona taking part in Dancing On Ice to make children proud

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona has revealed she is taking part in next year's series of Dancing On Ice in order to make her kids proud, adding that the show is helping her ignore press criticism. Speaking ahead of the launch of Dancing On Ice early next month, Katona also said her family and friends were excited for her.

Talking about the show, Kerry said: "It's a massive focus for me. You get on that rink and you completely forget about all the rubbish that is going on in the background. You've got two hours on that ice and it's the best two hours ever.

She added: "You say, 'Kerry Katona,' and you think, 'Oh God!' But my kids are getting older now and I want them to go, 'Kerry Katona? Yeah, she's my mum! She was on Dancing On Ice. She might have got kicked out in the first week but she was still in it!'"

Asked what she was looking forward to on the show, Kerry explained: "Seeing my children’s reaction when I’m on the ice

"My family and friends are really made up, and are very excited for me, they are all massive fans of the show and they cannot wait to see me on there. They know how much I’ve been enjoying myself."

Dancing On Ice 2011 kicks off on January 9.