Arlene Phillips claims Aliona Vilani sabotaged Matt Baker's chances

Arlene Phillips

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge Arlene Phillips has claimed that professional dancer Aliona Vilani sabotaged Matt Baker's chances on ballroom dancing show. Speaking to The Sun after the weekend's final, which saw Matt lose out to Kara Tointon, Arlene said Matt and Aliona lacked chemistry.

"Everything about Kara and Artem's relationship was very sexy. It was tantalising," Arlene Phillips told the tabloid. "That's what Matt and Aliona never had. They looked like just friends dancing together."

She continued in rant against Aliona, adding: "I never felt Aliona ever looked at Matt like she'd got cheesecake with lots of whipped cream thrown on top of it.

"They tackled so many of the sexy dances so well but never ever taking you to that point of 'will they, won't they?'. And that is what needs to happen."

She added: "She sabotaged Matt's chances. The dance had no flow, no connection. I thought he was going to do something we'd never seen before. Well, we'd never seen that before and we'd never want to see it again."