Karl Pilkington has the best idea for a new reality show

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Legend Karl Pilkington has pitched his own idea for a reality show, and it's a good'un.

The Idiot Abroad and Moaning Of Life star is bored of singing talent shows and reckons TV bosses need to think more outside the box when it comes to new programmes.

"I'm sick of singers on the telly," Karl complained, doing what he does best.

In a chat with the JOE website, the former radio producer suggested: "I'd rather watch a new show where you get young people to work in hospitals which leads to an operation.

"Every Saturday night is an operation and at the end someone becomes a surgeon. There you've got proper drama and the NHS will benefit. I'd watch that."

It'd certainly be more interesting thab ITV's recent series that saw celebs SHEPHERDING.

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You can watch more from Karl in The Moaning of Life 2 starting Tuesday, October 13 on Sky 1.

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